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How to enter the Unlocking Code for a Huawei Ohones, Modems and Dongles

Huawei Phones

1. Power on with Non-allowed SIM card
2. Enter the unlock code when prompted
3. Press Ok
4. The phone will now be unlocked.


Huawei Modems or Dongles

1. Insert a not accepted SIM card into your 3G modem
2. Start your Connection manager.
3. The modem should recognise the foreign SIM card and ask to enter an unlocking code
4. Enter the unlock code
5. The phone will now be unlocked.


Huawei fc312e
 ###1111# secret menu in last option tick unlcok then ask nck.


You may receive 4 codes

1st code - Network code ( Network PIN )
2nd and 3rd codes are SP codes ( Service Provider PIN )
4th LAST code is the SIM block/reset code ( If your phone is hard locked )