Delivery Time: 12 A 72H

You can now Unlock all EMEA iPhone 2, 3, 3GS, 4, 4S & 5 fr. This service is for Replacement iPhone provided by Apple after Service (Repair, etc…). EMEA Stand for “Europe Middle East & Africa”. To know if your iPhone is EMEA just request his complete information with the tool “iPhone Network Finder & Simlock Status” and if it look like this, then it’s EMEA:


First Activation Date: Mar, 27 2012 03:35:43
Last Activation Date: Feb, 23 2013 19:57:09
Firmware Version: 6.0.1
Initial Activation: EMEA Service.
Next Tether: EMEA Service.
Unlock Date: n/a
Lock Status: Locked


Wrong Operator Uploaded wil have no refunds. sorry but the supplier dont refund us.